Presidents Cup 2014

St Patrick’s Athletic 1-0 Sligo Rovers

Day 365 Project 365 Photo

Mission Accomplished and all 365 Photos now taken and uploaded. When I started this I knew it would be a challenge and in the last few weeks it certainly has been because of work and college but I have managed to finish project off. So as the sun sets on 2013 and we get ready to welcome in 2014 a photo of the sunset seems very appropriate.

Will have a few days off work, college and taking photos before I decide if I will do something different for 2014. Hope everyone enjoyed the images as much as I have enjoyed taking them. Have a lovely and happy 2014 everyone.

Day 365 Sunset to End Year

Famous Photographers – Steve McCurry

Famous Photographers – Steve Mc Curry

One of my earliest inspirations as a photographer was Steve McCurry. It was one of his most famous photographs that appeared on the cover of National Geographic in June 1985, the striking portrait of a young Afghan Girl. I have already done a little article on my blog about the photo and it is still one of the most famous National Geographic covers ever. My previous post about this photo can be found HERE

Steve McCurry image for National Geographic of young Afghan Girl

Steve McCurry image for National Geographic of young Afghan Girl

Born in 1950 in the USA, McCurry career really took off when he travelled into Afghanistan from Pakistan just before the Soviet Invasion in the mid 1980’s. His photographs from that time were some of the first to show the world images from within Afghanistan during the conflict. I have travelled to Africa in my previous job, photographing villages in Chad and Liberia as well as United Nations Peacekeeping troops and I always found the images captured by Steve Mc Curry as a guide to what I was trying to capture, get my images to tell a story.

As a photographer with National Geographic, some of the images taken are truly a great inspiration for any budding or professional photographer. With awards the world over Steve McCurry has to be one of the most iconic photographers of the 20th century.

Photographer Steve McCurry

Photographer Steve McCurry

I consider McCurry as one of the leading ‘storyteller’ photographers. A photo journalist, a documentary photographer, a photographer that always tries to get the human side to any job he covers. Reading from the press kit on his own website, one of McCurry’s inspirations was the topic of my first  Famous Photographers article – Henri Cartier-Bresson. I can only dream to be in the company of photographic greats like these two men.

For more reading on Steve McCurry a press kit is available from his website. Press Kit

Steve McCurry Website

Steve McCurry on Magnum Photo


St Patrick’s Athletic – Richmond Park

St Patrick’s Athletic – Richmond Park

The Gallery of Photography

The Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar is a place I like to drop into occasionally. Situated just off Meeting House Square in the heart of Dublin’s Temple Bar it is easily accessible and has a wealth of books and images for any passer-by or photographer to look over.

Founded in 1978 it hosts various photographic exhibitions as well as training courses. With full studio and darkroom facilities it is a gem within the photographic arena of Ireland.  The gallery is non-profit and relies on donations from members to keep going.


One of the upcoming courses is Wet Plate Collodion photography. It takes place over the weekend of 26/27th of October 2013 in the gallery. This intensive weekend workshop led by experienced wet collodionist Monika Fabijanczyk gets you preparing plates, making exposures, developing, and varnishing your own wet collodion plates. Ideal for any photographer who wants to try something new over the weekend you can achieve results you will be proud of, and of course you get to keep your work. Everything is supplied, including 5 x 4 cameras, lights, all chemistry, clear glass, black glass and metal plates. Bring a steady hand and be prepared to fall in love with this most bewitching of processes!

2 upcoming exhibitions that will be worth a visit are firstly STILL, WE WORK, an exhibition featuring artists Sarah Browne, Vagabond Reviews, Miriam O’Connor and Anne Tallentire and presented by the National Women’s Council of Ireland. The exhibition has been devised as part of NWCI’s Legacy Project to mark their 40th anniversary year. The exhibition will run from October 18th to October 27th.

The second exhibition is Aftermath, which runs from October 30th to November 10th. In 1969 the largest evacuation of refugees since World War II took place in Ireland as thousands of people fled across the border to escape the unfolding conflict in Northern Ireland. In subsequent years the border counties continued to be heavily impacted; many people were injured or killed in bombings and shootings whilst others were imprisoned or displaced. Following the Good Friday Agreement and the cessation of overt conflict the issue arose of how to address the legacy of conflict. Aftermath sets out to explore hidden histories, unresolved antagonisms, and personal hopes and dreams. The project brings together people directly affected by trauma to share their experiences through photography, film and music.

So add the Gallery of Photography as a place to visit in Dublin and enjoy all that it has to offer. Visit Gallery of Photography website for more information


Day 215 Project 365 Photo

Was covering a soccer blitz competition today for a associate, and the weather was lovely to start with but gradually got appalling. But the job must continue and I got to photograph St Pats schoolboys in action during one of the showers of rain. Visit Andy’s site for all the galleries from today

But my shot for today is this one from St Pats v Home Farm in the rain

Day 215 Upload