Day 50 Project 365 Photo

Well I have made it to one milestone, Day 50. Was hoping to do something a bit different to mark the milestone, but college study got in the way.  But today was one of those rare days in Ireland, warm, sunny and a clear blue sky. Such a rare sight deserves a photo,  just to prove it happened 😉


Day 50 Clear Blue Sky

Day 49 Project 365 Photo

I walk by what’s left of this tree every day, sometimes twice a day. It used to be as big as the other tress around but this is all that’s left, and it will probably be removed totally sooner or later. So before it is gone I decided I better get a photo.

Day 49 Broken Tree



Weekly Update for Project 365

Weekly Update for Project 365

Memorial Park

A walk around Irish War Memorial Park in Islandbridge, Dublin

Memorial Park