Argh, i do not like doing this essay but it is the final one for this college year so I really should just get the head down over the weekend and get it done.


Halfway there and stuck. Hopefully the taking photos at the football tomorrow night will get the brain working again and I can get it finished. Only 3 weeks left till this college year is done 🙂

Our TV Studio

College TV studio with a simple set up. Will be back into the studio on Wednesday to do some TV recordings and assignments. Today is radio and rehearsal for Wednesday. The future of Irish media better watch out, we are only 12 weeks away from finishing 🙂  and next week we are to be released onto the work experience and into the media world 🙂


Off course as well as college this week, I will be attending the Ireland match as photographer and one Friday the Airtricity League of Ireland starts and i will be taking photographs at the St Patrick’s Athletic v Bray match in Richmond Park.

Wikipedia Down

So Wikipedia take a day off in protest at piracy laws being implemented in USA. 

Journalists all over the place panic as they have no resource to check facts so it’s back to proper researching and phone calling sources.  Ah the good old days before the Internet became the ‘source’ for checking facts.

Wikipedia is great but it is not the answer to all questions even though the lazy journos do seem to rely on it totally.  It’s only one day without but maybe this one day will reawaken the journalist in most reporters who rely on Wikipedia.