Site Update

I haven’t been on here much due the move stateside but from approximately the end of April onwards I will be on here a lot more. For now though I will try post a photo or two every few days. I am concentrating on my writing blog at the moment if you woukd like to pop over and say hi. It’s at and is all about my new life here in the USA and how I am adjusting.

For now though here is a little photo I took the other night when going to the cinema. 


Day 365 Project 365 Photo

Mission Accomplished and all 365 Photos now taken and uploaded. When I started this I knew it would be a challenge and in the last few weeks it certainly has been because of work and college but I have managed to finish project off. So as the sun sets on 2013 and we get ready to welcome in 2014 a photo of the sunset seems very appropriate.

Will have a few days off work, college and taking photos before I decide if I will do something different for 2014. Hope everyone enjoyed the images as much as I have enjoyed taking them. Have a lovely and happy 2014 everyone.

Day 365 Sunset to End Year