Share your photos

Do you remember the day when every now and then a box of old photos would be taken out and the family would look through them?  Or going on holiday and taking photos and when you got home waiting to see them printed?  Photos of a wedding, party or family occasions being passed around?

Nowadays with digital cameras we see photos straight away……. On a little screen on the back of a camera!! 

The younger among us will share on Facebook or whatever social media is in vogue. But what about everyone else? 

There are plenty of options available for the computer literate amongst us, flickr, Picasa,, photobucket just to list a few. They all have pros and cons but they all help with the sharing and viewing of photos. 

But what do you do if you are not so sure of computer and uploading photos. One option is ask a younger members of family to do it for you, or go the old fashioned route and get good old prints to hold, but also get a CD of images so someone may upload them at later date.

Photographers generally have embraced all of these photo sharing sites to compliment their own websites. But what about the general public who just want to get their pictures seen by friends and family? My recommended choice would be either Flickr or Picasa as they allow ease of use and with Picasa you can even add a simple watermark to every picture if copyright is a fear.

You can keep all albums private so only ‘invited’ friends can see photos or you can open up some albums to all to view.

Don’t be afraid to share, as viewing photos is something we have all done and enjoyed and it is unfortunately dying out. You never know you may discover some of your photos are quite good and you have a hidden talent.

I use a few sharing sites for different projects. Flickr is my main one for sharing and my site is at I use photobucket for all my football photographs involving local club St Patrick’s Athletic and it can be found at Picasa is used as a complete backup and for family and private photos. I also use occassionly and my Facebook Page as well They all have their uses and once you get used to them you will be sharing photos all over the place.

So get snapping and get sharing 🙂

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