Something for the weekend

Well what to do. Whatever it is it will involve myself and my son…… And we will have camera with us. 

Tomorrow night we are out to Dublin Airport so hopefully may be able to get a low light shot of the terminal building if the airport police don’t tell me to put the camera away. And this brings up another issue, taking pictures of public buildings and over zealous security personnel.  A little common sense goes a long way on behalf of both,  the photographer and the security personnel.

If you are going to be somewhere like an airport and trying to take night time photos, make a courtesy phone call and explain exactly who and what you want. I have done this and never had a problem yet the one time I didn’t I was asked to put tripod and camera away.  Rather than cause a row, i did and walked away. Followed it up the next day with a phone call and explained what had happened and that I normally do call. Don’t burn bridges even if you think you are in the right, you actually may not be totally correct.

Some image posts sorted for tomorrow already otherwise it’s time to enjoy my time with son so won’t be back on blog till monday.

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