Did i mention………..

Did i mention that I love trains.  All my life I have lived close to the railway lines and even now i still have a look down as I cross the bridge over the line close to house. One of my favourite childhood memories though was going to the Isle of Man and seeing Trams and Steam Trains. Last summer I got to bring my own 13yr old son, Robert, to the Isle of Man and we got to go on the same Trams and Steam Trains that I did as a child. Life long memories were made over that 10 days in July.


Pictured is the steam train we got from Douglas to Port Erin in the Isle of Man. 

Someday my dream is to go across USA via train and spend a few weeks doing it, criss crossing country and trying to visit as many places as possible by rail.


This photo not mine and no idea how it ended up on my phone but thanks whoever sent it to me 🙂

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