Welcome to A Man With His Camera Blog

Welcome to my blog. I am new to blogging but will try update this weekly with some photos and photo talk. Also some college stuff in relation to media studies but firstly a small introduction to myself.

I worked in the Irish Defence Forces for 23yrs. Firstly as a photographer within the Air Corps then doing my final 7 years service within DFHQ working in the Press Office as photographer for the DF magazine ‘An Cosantoir’ and supplying images to all DF publications and to requests from all media.

Went to college for the first time at age 38, graduating from the European Institute of Communications with 2 Diplomas, A Public Relations Institute of Ireland Diploma in Public Relations plus a Diploma in Event Management.

Retired from the Defence Forces in 2011 and have branched into Sports photography with photos being used by http://www.extratime.ie and http://weplayonfridays.com/

Returned to college in Sept 2011 to study for a Diploma in Media


Sports Photography, Wedding and Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography.

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